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Saf-Levure Active Dried Yeast 24x500G


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Saf-Levure Active Dried Yeast 24x500g

Suitable for all bread making processes
Requires rehydration for use
Retains all of its characteristics for several months
Ingredients: Dehydrated Active Dry Yeast

To activate the yeast, please mix with water before adding to the flour (a touch of sugar may also help boost the activity, 0.5% of the weight of the flour). The temperature of the water when using active yeast is very important and should be between 35-38C, anything below 32C or above 40C will result in less effective results.

Application: Add yeast to water to dissolve before adding to the flour. If the recipe calls for ‘Instant yeast’ you can use the same proportion of ‘Active’, and if ‘fresh’ is listed, please use half the amount of active yeast.

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