Crown AV NH Emulsified Breadfat RSPO SG 12.5Kg


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majority supply
Vegetable Oils (Not Hydrogenated):
– Palm oil (Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Columbia, Honduras,
Peru, Brazil, El Salvador, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria).
– Rapeseed Oil (UK, Europe, France Germany, Denmark, Poland, Russia,
Ukraine, Australia.)
Water (UK)
Salt (UK)
Emulsifier: E471 (Spain)
Palm Oil
Products are designated individually as conforming to RSPO supply chain model,
‘segregated’ by the suffix SG or ‘mass balance’ by the suffix MB.
(or to neither by no specific designation).
Cardowan Creameries are an RSPO member with Supply Chain Certification
(Segregated and Mass Balance) BMT-RSPO-00023 (www.RSPO.org).
Accreditations BRC (Issue 6), Kosher (MBD), RSPO.

All ingredients are supplied by approved accredited suppliers to agreed specifications.
Allergen Information
Major Allergens and their Derivatives Free From Contains

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