Lets Bake Plain Cream Cake with Bakers Street Plain Cream Cake Mixer

Hobart Mixer – Place dry mix into a small bow fitted with beater. Combine all the liquids and add over 1 minute on speed 1. Scrape down Mix for 3 minutes on speed 2. At this point add any additions and blend.

Muffins – 200 C; Mint 20-25 mins Standard 25-30 mins , Jumbo 30-35 mins

Loaf Cake – 180 C, 40-45 mins according to size

Tray Bakes – 1180 C 30-35 mins according to size.

112 months from the production date
Store in a cool and dry place (25°C may)
Batch N°/Best before: see on the package

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