Bakers Street Desiccated Fine Coconut 25Kg


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Desiccated coconut is now widely used as a filling or topping in confectionery, cakes, cookies, flapjacks, snack bars, and other baked goods around the world. It gives candy bars and other foods a distinct flavor and texture. Ceial agro desiccated coconut is also known as shredded coconuts, crushed coconut, and coconut flakes. this also known as cut coconut, coconut shreds, coconut flakes, and even coconut powder, and comes in fine and medium cuts or shreds.

No cholesterol, selenium, fiber, copper, and manganese are all found in this ideal source of healthy fat. One ounce of coconut contains 80 percent saturated fat, which is good for you. Selenium is a mineral that aids in the production of enzymes that improve immune and thyroid function.

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